RIA's Advocacy & Government Affairs (AGA) Committee is providing the following information to help restoration professionals understand Assignment of Benefits.

Assignment of Benefits

Assignment of Benefits
This session focuses on the 50-State Summary of Assignment of Benefits Laws.
Assignment of Benefits and Insurance Bad Faith Law: 50-State Reference Guide
The RIA sees widespread ignorance of the law of assignments and underutilization of assignments as a significant threat to the health of the restoration industry and the availability of high-quality restoration services to consumers. Accordingly, the RIA has compiled this collection of excerpts of cases and statutes that address certain aspects of the enforceability of assignments for each state, and insurance bad faith. It is not a complete statement of the relevant law, and as laws change, the legal principles may be reversed or become outdated. However, this material will provide a good starting point for restorers, working closely with their lawyers, to formulate an assignment strategy that fits their businesses.